AWS Well-Architected Review & Remediation by HeleCloud BASIC

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For architectures with monthly spend up to $5.000, a 3-day of Architecture Deep Dive & Review and 8 days of remediation delivered by a HeleCloud expert remotely.

We will review the efficiency, security and performance of your workloads thorough the lifecycle of your application and align it with AWS best practices. Working closely with your teams we will transfer knowledge and help you remediate according to best practices for building your cloud-based solutions.

HeleCloud experts will create a tailored roadmap of improvements for your organisation, aiming to:

  • Improve your processes and mitigate risks for your business - We will identify any risks in your architecture and remediate the critical ones accordingly;

  • Enable you to build and deploy your solutions faster - We will advise you on automation and state of the art DevOps practices and tools for your workflows;

  • Incorporate AWS best practices for resiliency in your solution, scale when capacity demands and evolve your architecture to adopt emerging technology - Benefit from the guidance and support of experts that have accumulated battle hardened knowledge from numerous customers’ implementations;

  • Help you make more informed decisions and enable you meet your RTO & RPO objective - Understand how architectural decisions will impact the performance & resilience of your business applications.

The Well-Architected framework enables cloud architects create secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible for their applications. The Five Pillars of the framework provide guidance for implementing scalable designs that meet the needs of your applications.

In line with the AWS Well-Architected Framework, HeleCloud’s AWS Well-Architected Review & Remediation offering will examine your architecture and compare it with the AWS standards. Our experts will review the findings, complete recommended improvements and fill existing gaps.

How it works?


Prior to the Well- Architected Review, we will spend time to identify the workloads for review, meet key stakeholders, and understand client’s business and context. This can take place either in a face to face meeting or over a virtual meeting. 
Timing: 1-2 hours


Data Collection is a workshop that our expert Solution Architects conduct to collect data of identified workloads. This helps them understand in detail your infrastructure and perform the AWS Well- Architected Review against the Five Well-Architected Pillars.
Timing: 2 days


Upon completion of the Well-Architected Review, HeleCloud team will deliver a detailed report and present the findings to you. The findings will cover current state of your architecture (incl. AWS Well-Architected Review Scorecard) and recommendations for remediation in the form of an Action Plan.
Timing: 1 day


In this phase we will remediate the critical issues found during Discovery, fix issues and deficiencies, as well as make needed optimizations.
Timing: 8 days

Get the most out of your AWS investment NOW, with up to $5,000 AWS Usage Credits loaded directly into your account against your remediation.

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