Magic Sandbox Kubernetes Platform

Magic Sandbox Kubernetes Platform

Immersive Kubernetes training platform

Get Kubernetes-ready in 3 months

MSB offers a guided, hands-on approach to make your IT team self-sufficient with Kubernetes.


MSB is a new learning medium for software engineers.

With interactive content, real infrastructure, overlaid with rich visual dashboards, we are rethinking the developer training experience.


Effective training content is at the heart of the MSB platform.

Training scenarios were designed to maximize the rate of learning and get engineers ramped up with relevant skills as fast as possible.

Licensing MSB

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ABN AMRO TechX & Magic Sandbox - Session 1
ABN AMRO TechX & Magic Sandbox - Session 2
Magic Sandbox - EUR10 Demo Day
Magic Sandbox Experience
MSB Tech Demo
Deploying a redis-backed guestbook on Kubernetes

Case studies of MSB's customers sharing their accomplishments — in their own words

Magic Sandbox makes superheroes out of users by helping them accomplish what they had previously only dreamed of. Hear the stories of how these goals became a reality and find out what they have planned for the future.

# Learn how XYZ does 123 Read Case Study
# Building 123 ABC Read Case Study
# How CDE can 567 Read Case Study

Kubernetes training that works.

MSB offers in-depth Kubernetes training, online and on-site.

Powered by the immersive MSB Platform, engineers and teams learn Kubernetes by working on real-world scenarios on real infra.

MSB’s approach enables teams to get Kubernetes-ready in 3 months.

World Class Content

Nigel Poulton, MSB's Head of Content, is a self confessed technology addict who is hell-bent on creating the best Kubernetes and cloud learning resources on the planet.

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