HeleCloud AWS Services

HeleCloud AWS Services

HeleCloud is an Amazon Web Services technology consultancy with offices in London, UK, The Hague, The Netherlands and Sofia, Bulgaria that helps enterprises of all sizes establish Cloud vision, and execute Cloud strategies through their industry leading Cloud Roadmap methodology. HeleCloudTM also provides Cloud managed services to further amplify Cloud benefits and enable enterprises to focus on their core business and customers.

HeleCloud is here to help you optimise your AWS environment in line with AWS best practices, demonstrating to you how to use AWS services and adopt the proven design principles of being Well Architected.

We understand that building infrastructure on AWS can be a complex process requiring expert knowledge and a set of best practices to get the most out of your architecture. Don’t worry. The Well-Architected Review will assess a specific, business-critical workload against the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework, uniquely the HeleCloud offering also details and implements a series of remediation tasks, and gives you a roadmap for future improvements.

The AWS Well-Architected framework

The Well-Architected framework enables cloud architects create secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible for their applications.

The Five Pillars of the framework provide guidance for implementing scalable designs that meet the needs of your applications.

Pillar 1: Operational Excellence

The operational excellence pillar focuses on running and monitoring systems to deliver business value and continually improving processes and procedures. Key topics include managing and automating changes, responding to events, and defining standards to successfully manage daily operations.

Pillar 2: Security

The security pillar focusses on protecting information & systems. Key topics Include confidentiality and integrity of data, identifying and managing who can do what with privilege management, protecting systems, and establishing controls to detect security events.

Pillar 3: Reliability

The reliability focuses on the ability to prevent and quickly recover from failures to meet business and customer demand. Key topics include foundational elements around setup, cross project requirements recovery planning, and how to handle change.

Pillar 4: Performance Efficiency

The performance efficiency pillar focuses on using IT computing efficiently. Key topics include selecting the right resource types and sizes based on workload requirements, monitoring performance, and making informed decisions to maintain efficiency as business needs evolve.

Pillar 5: Cost Optimisation

Cost optimisation focuses on avoiding un-needed costs. Key topics include understanding and controlling where money is being spent, selecting the most appropriate and right number of resource types, analysing spend over time and scaling to meet business needs without overspending.

In line with the AWS Well-Architected Framework, HeleCloud’s AWS Well-Architected Review & Remediation offering will examine your architecture and compare it with the AWS standards. Our experts will review the findings, complete recommended improvements and fill existing gaps.

HeleCloud Values
AWS Well-Architected Framework
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What we do

Moving you into the future

HeleCloud™ takes you on a complete journey into the Cloud. We work closely with businesses to develop a Cloud roadmap, ensuring that your transition into the Cloud is smooth, secure, and adds value to the organisation.

We don’t just stop at making technology work for you, we ensure that your people also understand the Cloud as well as we do.

How we do it

To optimise your business’s move to the Cloud, we need to understand your business. The whole business. In depth.

As your competent partner, we will assess what services and applications can benefit from the Cloud and explain why. If we believe a hybrid model is best, we will tell you.

We don’t only consider software and platforms. We cover infrastructure, process models, security, and governance too. You want the best for your business, and we can help you achieve that.

Together, we develop a vision of where your company needs to get to, and we map out how we will get there – providing you with everything you need to make your journey into the cloud as streamlined, smart and cost-efficient as possible.

Who we work with

The HeleCloud™ team has many years of experience working across numerous organisations and industries; from start-ups to global corporates and government. In addition to our specialist expertise in AWS and Cloud computing, we have expert knowledge and experience across a wide range of industry verticals such as telecommunications, financial services, local government, and energy and utilities.

Business disruption facilitated by new technology presents many opportunities. Whether your organisation and corporate culture is more conservative or entrepreneurial, we will help you take advantage of the digital transformation.

Our customers trust us to deliver reliably and constantly to highest standards. We believe in developing strong and durable relationships with our customers, so we can support them and help their businesses to run smoothly and grow.

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