Docker Enterprise 3.0

The fastest way to securely build, share and run modern applications anywhere

How Docker Enterprise Works

Accelerate modern application development and delivery

Docker Enterprise is the industry-leading, standards-based container platform for rapid development and progressive delivery of modern applications. Only Docker Enterprise delivers a consistent and secure end-to-end application pipeline, choice of tools and languages, and globally consistent Kubernetes environments that run in any cloud.

Move faster

Simplified and streamlined workflows deliver the fastest time-to-production for modern applications.:

Docker Enterprise delivers a consistent end-to-end platform to build, share and run modern applications for Kubernetes. Accelerate developer onboarding and improve productivity, leveraging existing skill sets

Simplify and streamline processes across dev and ops

Rapidly deploy, manage and update production-ready Kubernetes environments, without requiring deep expertise

Adopt new technologies on your own timeline

Flexibility to use the tools, languages, frameworks, infrastructure and operating systems of your choice.

The only independent and standards-driven container platform that leverages organizations’ existing IT investments in infrastructure, tools and people.

Ensure security without slowing down innovation

Continuously ensure secure governance and compliance over the complete application lifecycle, without slowing down innovation.

Docker Enterprise delivers security in any environment – on-prem, hybrid and cloud – without getting in the way of your ability to bring applications to market quickly.

Licensing Docker

Licensing Docker Enterprise is pretty straight forward!

Please determine your required features and OS to decide for the right Edition, and next count either your (v)Cores (Docker Enterprise) or (v)Nodes (Engine).

Please note that for Engine, the limit is 2 physical processor sockets for physical servers.

For both editions, each node is licensed to be deployed as a manager, DTR worker, cache or worker node.

Feature Sets:

Engine Enterprise Enterprise Full
Enterprise Support Business Day Business Day or Business Critical
Licensed per (v)Node (v)Core
CaaS Enabled Platform
Container Engine
Built-In Orchestration, Networking, Security
Docker Certified Infrastructure, Plugins & ISV Containers
Image Management (private registry, caching)
Integrated Container App Management
Multi-tenancy with RBAC, LDAP/AD support
Integrated secrets management, image signing, policy
Image Security Scanning & Continuos Vulnerability Monitoring
Docker Enterprise 3.0 Overview
Whats New in Docker Enterprise 3.0
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Case studies of Mirantis Docker`s customers sharing their accomplishments — in their own words

Docker makes superheroes out of users by helping them accomplish what they had previously only dreamed of. Hear the stories of how these goals became a reality and find out what they have planned for the future.

ADP Docker Enterprise delivers security at scale for ADP Read Case Study
Carnival How Carnival Corp creates unique guest experiences on its cruise ships Read Case Study
GSK GlaxoSmithKline accelerates drug discovery with Docker Enterprise Read Case Study

We are the flexible infrastructure company

Our mission is to be the world’s most effective vehicle for converting open source innovation into customer value.

By providing continuous delivery of open cloud software via a managed services model, Mirantis enables enterprise application owners to become free of infrastructure and operations concerns. And, with an option to transfer operations control, enterprises can reap the benefits of open source standards and avoid vendor lock-in.

Company Overview

Mirantis harnesses open source to free application owners from operations concerns. The company employs a unique build-operate-transfer approach to deliver your organization Docker Enterprise, the market-leading container platform for accelerating the development and delivery of modern applications, enabling developer choice, simple onboarding and automation across dev and ops, and a secure pipeline to Kubernetes environments that run anywhere.

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